I built this show to share with you all, but I also built it because I wanted to see it. I probably enjoy watching it more than anyone.

And what better event to celebrate than Christmas! The Celebration of Christmas is an amazing time for us. It is the celebration of the greatest gift ever given, a little baby in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.

Without that Bethlehem Child, we all have a big problem. Try as we may, there is nothing that any of us human beings can do, including me, to make ourselves acceptable to God. We are doomed to face judgment falling short of His standard. We were in a very dark situation indeed, but out of that darkness there shown a great Light. (See Matthew 4:12-17) Our Christmas lights commemorate the Light that God sent to shine brightly in our dark situation.

How sad it would be to me for anyone to come and enjoy our light show without understanding what the celebration is all about! If you would like a better understanding of why Jesus had to come to Earth as a baby, and how that act solved the greatest problem that you will ever have, please contact me. You can call me at 954-474-4373 or email me at

May our celebration of light be a blessing to all!