Isaiah Sunday School Class
with Dr. Warren Gage
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church


This is the temporary home for the audio MP3 files from the Isaiah Sunday School class. Eventually these audio files will make it to their proper home on either or, but while we are waiting for the turning wheels of progress, you can download them from this site.

The new series on John is available at:

These links are not streaming audio - you will have to download the MP3 file to your computer or your MP3 player, and then listen to them.
April 26, 2009 WGage0426.mp3 - Intro to the prophets - the golden rule Matt 7:12
May 3, 2009 WGage0503.mp3 - Intro to Second part of Isaiah
May 10, 2009 WGage0510.mp3
May 17, 2009 WGage0517.mp3
May 24, 2009 WGage0524.mp3
May 31, 2009 WGage0531.mp3
June 7, 2009 WGage0607.mp3
June 14, 2009 WGage0614.mp3 A Special teaching on unity from Psalm 133
June 21, 2009 WGage0621.mp3
June 28, 2009 WGage0628.mp3 Conclusion of Isaiah 40
July 5, 2009 WGage0705.mp3 Peter
July 12, 2009 WGage0712.mp3 Peter - Part 2
July 19, 2009 WGage0719.mp3 Isaiah 41
July 26, 2009 WGage0726.mp3 Isaiah 42
August 2, 2009 WGage0802.mp3 Isaiah 49
August 9, 2009 WGage0809.mp3 Isaiah 50
August 16, 2009 WGage0816.mp3 Isaiah 52
August 23, 2009 WGage0823.mp3 Isaiah 52/Conclusion

Warren's topical series on Christian Vocation is available at

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The Revelation series can be downloaded from: